Visitor Centre

Dogs are welcome on the grounds but not in the Visitor Centre (gift shop and museum) or Cafe Bus. There is a large field beside the Honey Farm for running around in and wonderful riverside walks nearby for the more adventurous pups.

Please refer to our Contact page for up-to-date opening hours.


We don’t currently sell bees or beehives. We would recommend you contact Thorne Beekeeping Supplies.

As commercial beekeepers we don’t have the resources to deal with wild bees. We would recommend you contact your nearest Beekeeping Association who may have a hobby beekeeper that is willing to help.

If you believe the bees may be ours or that we have beehives in your area (within 1 mile of the swarm) please contact us directly on 01289 382362.

Our Products

We sell comb honey, though this is very seasonal. We would class this as raw, as it contains wax and all. If you would prefer not to have wax, our set honey has received minimal heat and processing (nothing gets heated to more than 40 degrees C. for extraction or bottling). We would also suggest this is raw honey as it has not been treated to pasteurisation levels (72 degree C). Basically it’s all very high quality, low process honey and it tastes great!

Other Interests

We have a classic London Bus available for hire – please see the London Bus page for further information.