• The Chain Bridge Honey Bible

    Prepared in collaboration with one of the UK’s oldest and largest honey farms, Chain Bridge in the Borders, this book draws on the experience and traditions of generations of skilled beekeepers and Scottish cooks in the use of this quintessentially natural and organic food.

  • A Brief History of Honeybees and Beekeeping including Myths and Legends by Ann Middleditch

    Learn about ancient myths and legends, honey hunters and early beekeepers. Discover Beekeeping in the Middle Ages and read about the development of beekeeping in the 19th century.

  • Beekeeping Notes

    Learn about the life of the honeybee, swarms, stings and the waggledance. Discover the many products of the hive and their uses.

  • Reflections on Beekeeping by W.S. Robson

    Reflections on Beekeeping by W.S. Robson

    60 pages, soft back book.

  • Bees, Wasps and Bumblebees by Ann Middleditch

    Discover  honeybees and other garden insects with this in-depth guide.


W.S. Robson Snr. founded the Chain Bridge Honey Farm in 1948 whilst working as a beekeeping advisor. W.S. Robson Jnr continues to help developing beekeepers through the country, lecturing here at the Honey Farm and as a guest speaker at events regularly. These beekeeping books provide a wealth of information which is massively important to anyone thinking of keeping bees. Written by Honey Farm employee, ex-teacher and beekeeper Anne Middleditch alongside Willie Robson we highly recommend study and preparation through reading before and during your time with the bees.