John Chambers Wildflower Seed – Butterfly Wildflower Mix


Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix – Contains more than 20 British native wildflower species.

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If you would like to look after the butterflies in your garden then this is the colurful wildflower seed mix for you.  It contains more than 20 British Native Wildflower species suitable for attracting butterflies, including:

Bird’s-foot Trefoil, Red Campion, Foxglove, Common and Greater Knapweed, Purple Loosestrife, Yellow Melilot, Teasel and Kidney Vetch.

Culture and Maintenance – Choose a weed free site and sow into a fine, well prepared seed bed and lightly rake, then tread soil with feet or roller.  Following sowing ensure seedlings are well watered and kept free of weeds.  If grown in bare soil, cut back all growth at the end of flowering (late Aug-Sept), removing all cuttings OR, if sowing with grasses (1st Year) – cut back roughly every 6 weeks to allow Wildflowers to establish, otherwise grasses will dominate. 2nd year and thereafter – cut back all growth at the end of flowering and remove all cuttings.

Coverage 1 – 2 sq. metre (min)

Flowering times – mixed from Spring to late Summer

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