oat oil

Oat Oil: The Surprising Skin Benefits

You may have noticed that there’s an ingredient used over and over in our all natural beauty products, which rightly so might lead you to wonder why. That ingredient is ‘Avena Sativa’, or Oat oil. Oats are a pretty wonderful thing, not just to eat and fill your tum on a cold winter’s morning (although…

Peppermint Foot Care SetPeppermint Foot Care Set

Peppermint Foot Care Set


Get two lovely foot care products in this pretty set, ideal for yourself or a loved one.

Honey Facts

Honey Facts

Honey Facts from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm Honey is a unique natural product made by honeybees and although it has been analysed is has proved impossible to make synthetic honey. Bees collect nectar from flowers and by adding enzymes which change the sugar content and evaporating off excess water, they convert it into honey.…