Bee Propolis – The Health & Beauty Benefits

You’ve probably already guessed that we’re big fans of Bees here at Chain Bridge Honey Farm, what with the incredible products they create, which in turn lead to the amazing, natural products we create using honey, beeswax and today’s blog subject matter, Bee Propolis, from our very own hives.

Now, most people will be pretty familiar with the wonders of honey and beeswax, but Propolis is a true miracle substance that is perhaps not so well known. Also known as ‘Bee Glue’, Propolis is sticky gel produced by one busy little expert Propolis-making bee in the hive, using certain tree leaves, leaf buds and flowers and it just so happens to be one hell of a health and beauty product for us lucky humans!

A natural anti-septic, preservative and anti-oxidant containing over 300 active compounds, Bee Propolis has a vast array of health and beauty benefits, making it an absolute must-have for every home.

Bee Propolis Beauty Benefits

Many of us suffer from one skin condition or another, whether that’s acne, scarring, dryness or even just simple aging, so you’ll be pleased to hear that Propolis is a bit of a beauty cure-all!

Anti-Aging & Nourishing

Propolis is bursting at the seams with an abundance of minerals that are essential for rebuilding damaged skin cells, which is great for everyone, not just those with a specific problem. New healthy skin cells = replenished, soft, beautiful skin! Oh, and some serious wrinkle reduction too.

Speaking of wrinkle reduction, unlike many lotions and potions on the high-street, Propolis really does work! Quite a claim, yes, but a true one. The anti-oxidants contained in bee Propolis fight like little champions against oxidants that we’re faced with every day, (from pollution, UV rays and junk food to harmful chemicals found in many un-natural beauty products) which helps to protect your skin cells for much longer. It won’t stop the clock, but it will certainly slow things down!

The powerful moisturising properties of Propolis also goes a long way in promoting gorgeous, supple skin wherever it is applied, as well as providing much needed, soothing relief for any dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Acne & Skin Infections

Suffer from acne? Bee Propolis might just be the thing that can help you. Ditch the chemical-heavy medication and treatments and try something natural instead. Just a small amount of our Propolis Ointment is plenty for you to reap the benefits of the bacteria-fighting nutrients Propolis has to offer.

Studies have shown that Bee Propolis kills most strains of bacteria that does not live or grow where oxygen is present, and this includes Propionibacterium Acnes (or P.Acne), which is one of the main causes of acne breakouts and stunted healing.

Among some of those 300 active compounds contained in Propolis, mentioned above, are Hydroquinone and Caffeic Acid. Sound familiar? To an acne sufferer who has received pharmaceutical treatment it might, as these are two of the best known compounds found in most commercial acne (and other skin infection) treatments, only this is the real deal. No nasties here!



Stretch marks, acne scars, operation scars – you name it, Propolis is a fantastic treatment for the reduction of any type of scarring.

If you’ve got an area of skin that needs healing or scars that need reducing, be it on your face or body, Propolis is what you need! The anti-oxidants found in Propolis not only work wonders on their own, but they actually boost the performance of anti-oxidants found within our own bodies and these two things combined result in some serious healing, scar fading and improved blood circulation.

Bee Propolis Health Benefits

Propolis isn’t all about looking pretty, it also has some amazing ‘unseen’ healing benefits too, inside the body and out.

Burns & Wounds

As you may now realise from reading about the beauty benefits of Propolis, it’s basically awesome at the whole healing thing, and that applies to first aid situations too.

For wounds and minor second degree burns, just a small smearing of Propolis ointment will vastly reduce the free radicals (which occur as a result of the burn) and improve the ‘spin-lattice relaxation process’ within the wound, which is our body’s way of healing.

A study performed by the Medical University of Silesia has shown that the use of Propolis on a burn is just as good, if not better, than the use of Silver Sulfadiazine cream, a chemical based pharmaceutical product prescribed for healing.


Add a small amount of Propolis to your toothbrush when going about your daily ablutions for improved dental hygiene and reduced tooth cavities!

You may be used to thinking of honey as a sugary substance, which you might imagine wouldn’t agree so well with teeth, but despite being made by bees in hives, Propolis is quite a different thing altogether.

Propolis can be used as an effective mouth disinfectant to help treat gum disease. It’s presence on teeth also limits the production of plaque meaning healthier nashers all round!